Prayer for the Right Alignment

Grandfather Sun; I thank you for the Light that you have given me today.  Great Spirit; I thank you for your Creation of All Things, Great and Small. 

Please give me the Understanding and Acceptance of people and culture; plants and animals; spirit, nature, and the environment.

I ask the Universe; North, South, East, West, to give me the power of Wisdom and Knowledge to Share and the Awareness of my Connection to All My Relations and the Spirit That Moves Through All Things.

Let me be Positive Today.  Let me Accept the Challenges for Today.  Let me be in Right Relationship with All of Creation.  Let me Trust the Love and Joy that is in my Heart.

Grandmother Earth; I ask that you give me the Grounding to fulfill the reasons I have been placed here by the Creator.  Allow me to Walk with Grace and Beauty as a Child of the Earth.