Teachings of the Mountain Apple Tree


I was shown that Mountain Apple is a very emotionally sensitive tree.  Even though it grows easily and is big & abundant; it is emotionally sensitive.  We must be mindful not to be fooled by its large size and ease of growth into thinking that it isn't tuned in to the vibes being sent to it.  

I was shown its form in NOR as a large pink luminous ball that was very thin and delicate.  The size was about the diameter of its branch spread.   I was shown to use this in healing by encapsulating the person to be healed within it and that this will help them feel appreciated and loved.    

Message from the Mountain Apple Tree

 "The Web of Life is Fragile as is each piece of the web. Even those parts which seem so strong and eternal are not; the web is ever changing.    We often take things for granted that they will stay the same day after day; this is an illusion.   Our Gratitude and Reverence holds the web together.   Be mindful of this and express gratitude often for the things and people you love and the blessings in your life."

Mountain Apple Tree in Bloom.JPG

The Spirit of the Moutain Apple Tree told me that tree in our yard was hurt by multiple factors that led to a decrease in fruit and flower production:

  • Negativity from previous tenants

  • Being trimming too aggressively (but reminded me this happened after the fruit got small)

  • General commotion in the garden and lack of attention to the tree and garden in general.

  • Less time playing in and appreciating it.  

I did a healing on the tree in our yard and sent energy into it from its roots and saw flowers and fruits blooming everywhere on it.

I was shown to help the tree by visiting it at least 2x per week to give it gratitude and thanks and offerings. I was also shown to make access easier to it for my daughter, Mohala.   

My daughter, Mohala also journeyed to the Spirit of the Mountain Apple Tree 

The Mountain Apple Tree told Mohala it wants more attention - playing in it will help it have more energy to make fruits and flowers and that she should visit it as frequently as she is able to..   

 Messages to Mohala from the Mountain Apple Tree

  • "When you are open minded and grounded; answers and healing will come easily"

  • "When you know life is not about work and it is about fun; you will have more free will and time to do the things you want and to enjoy yourself and play"